Saturday, July 23, 2005

OK! Now I'm pissed!

After hearing everyone tell me, 'It's ok, GTA deserved it. That game has so much bad stuff. It really should be rated AO', and no one understanding a lot of people's (like mine) point about the whole thing is that no one took a big interest in GTA until this sex thing happened. Meaning everyone is just fine and dandy with all the killing and language and carjacking and everything else in the game. But oh no. We can't have the sex. I heard it and thought, 'eh. I'm an adult. I don't have to worry about this.'

It turns out I might have to start worrying. Not for my safety or anything like that. But for my own freedom to play whatever I want! The Sims 2 is the new topic of conversation for 'concerned' parents and one Miami attorney. His beef with The Sims 2? Read the 'Link' below for his 'I'm holier than all of thou, and I will damn thee all to hell for the Sims' comments. But in short, he states that EA and Maxis are well aware that Sims can be naked and the blur can be removed from them when they're naked. Stating that this is even worse than the GTA Hot Coffee mod. He, at first, stated that just a cheat code was needed to remove the blur, but then chose to change his tune (probably when being told he was wrong over and over again) by putting an update on his website that said he knows you can only un-blur your Sims with a downloaded patch, but that EA and Maxis aren't doing anything about it. Blah blah.

I really can't stand ignorance. And that's all this stuff is. The Hot Coffee thing. It was funny. Anyone who knows the games and the company knows it was just a joke. The Sims 2? The whole fucking game is a joke! The blurring is comical, the antics are comical. Everything is there to be fun and funny and childish. I can't say I've ever been turned on by an un-blurred, barbie doll looking, sim. This dumb assed attorney hit the jackpot by getting Rockstar to admit they put the code into the game and got them to recall their game to fix it. But now he's out for more blood. To go after a game like The Sims 2 is just stupid. And to use the same argument, is just immature and uncreative. You have nothing on The Sims 2 and you won't ever have anything on The Sims 2. As much as you like to think that the game is going to help pedophiles practice their abusing ways (yes, he said that), your the only one I know who's ever thought of that. Just with all the bull shit and find something important to fight for. Attacking GTA is fine. It's not like anyone was surprised by that. But this is just ridiculous. Stupid prick.

I'm a little heated after reading this so I'll update again if anything else develops and maybe voice some more of my opinions on people like this Jack Thompson who walk around with tunnel vision and don't even realize what they're fighting for.


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