Thursday, July 14, 2005


w00! Barely an hour and I have 2 entries already! Hot damn. Just checking in again with some of my new discoveries. Blogger is definately much more flexible than LJ. Plus I can upload pictures right from the blog creator page. Which is a VERY nice change from LiveJournal (where I just didn't post pictures very often because of that very reason). I've also discovered that I can update via mobile phone. I can send in pictures from my picture phone for you all to see! How does that sound?! My phone currently blows balls, but I'll be getting a new one just as soon as I get some money (which involves me getting a job. I'll explain that tomorrow). For now, I leave you with a picture of my beautiful girlfriend. That's a full sized image there. Gone are the days of resizing images and makeing sure they are small enough to fit on my blog! HAPPY DAYS! I'm free at last! FREE AT LAST! The best part is, just click the image and it shows u the full sized image. These are all things that are a pain in the ass to do on LJ, but they are nice and integrated into blogger. Thank you google and blogger. Off to bed I go now. Ta ta.


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