Saturday, July 23, 2005

Slow news day

It's been a pretty slow news day so I'll update on what's going on in the world of Steve real quick.

Steve has a job. Yay! I've been talking about how hard it was for me to find a job and the reason is because I stole some shit from a really stupid company that I worked for back in 2001. Because I was careless and got caught (actually, turned myself in when questioned.. It's an ethics thing. Don't ask.), I spent the next year jumping through hoops for the DuPage County legal system. A lot of politics were involved in making sure my conviction remained a felony even though I cooperated with everyone and this was my first and only offence. But who am I to complain? I can't do anything about it for another few years (when I can finally get it expunged from my record), so I choose not to dwell. So there's the explanation I promised. I was stupid. I paid for it. It's over. But the felony really does make it hard to get a job. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. People just look at you different when you answer that question with a yes. Luckily, this new job I got is at a very very nice restaurant who never asked and apparently doesn't care that I'm a felon. So I'm happy about that. I can finally start making some money and start helping Therese out with bills and groceries and stuff. And I can finally start up my poker night and buy shit again. I'm happy.

Developmental news? I've got a couple idea's floating around my head and on the computer for new websites I'm going to start working on. I'm also brainstorming some application idea's that I can use to help me (re)learn some computer programming. But I can't really say what I'm working on right now. In due time.

Harry Potter news? I'm about half way done with The Goblet of Fire. Yes, I've read them all. But I chose to re-read four and five before reading six because I've forgotten a lot since last year.

Halo news? I still suck. But I'm getting better.

Therese news? She's still awesome as ever. It's weird though. I wouldn't call myself a loner, per say, but I like to be alone. I don't mind it. Some people can't stand it. But I always find something to do. But tonight, as much as it's no big deal. I'm almost bored. Therese is out for the night celebrating one of her best friends birthdays in Milwaukee. She'll be home sometime tomorrow. Although I've been keeping myself busy and I do enjoy just spending time with myself. I miss her tonight. No biggie though. She'll be home soon enough. But still. I've never really gotten 'bored' when I was home alone before. I love you Therese!

Well. I think that's all I got for right now. I'll keep the news flowing when I see something I like.


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