Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Nintendo: A Fan-Boy

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a Nintendo Fan-Boy. I love Nintendo and (almost) everything they do. I love how innovative they are and how much they love to take chances. I didn't own anything but Nintendo systems up until this generation (PS2 was my first non-Nintendo machine). I don't care what people say about them being a kids company. As much as their games look cute, I can't help but have a blast playing them. Animal Crossing was (and kinda still is) one of my favorite games on the GameCube and I specifically BOUGHT the NintendoDS because I knew that Animal Crossing was coming to that sometime in the future. So for all of you nay-sayers. I say suck-it. Cause anyone who spends a little bit of time can see that everything Nintendo talks about is true. Let me explain.

What I mean by this, is that Nintendo doesn't really falsely advertise itself. Nintendo has been repeating, through the entire GameCube generation, that it's a family software company. Nintendo makes games that kids can enjoy and so can teens or adults all the same. They say this all the time any time someone tells them they are a kiddy company. They deliver every time as well. I can't think of very many Nintendo (first party) products that aren't fun as hell to play regardless of their cuteness. Nintendo is also convinced that the gaming industry is at a cross-roads where something needs to change. They started what they are calling a 'revolution' with the Nintendo DS because it's different. As different as it is, it's still a blast. Nintendo will continue with the console code-named Revolution and possibly change the way we all look at games today. I hope this works out for them. I really do. I know I will be first in line to get one when it comes out regardless of what they finally announce, because I know Nintendo and I know it's going to be good. Nintendo very rarely disappoints me.

Rarely does come with an exception here. One that I've become 'OK' with. Nintendo has no third party support as far as I'm concerned. When I look at my collection of video games now. My GameCube titles consist, almost exclusively, of only first and second party titles. This is where I've come to terms with this. If Nintendo decided to only do first and second party games, I think it would be just fine. A system with only exclusive titles. This would be a revolution to me. A system that didn't care what games were coming out on the xbox and playstation. They stopped TRYING to be the only system in everyone's home. This would just change a lot of peoples view on Nintendo.

What's my point? I don't really think I had one. I just felt like writing. Let me try and conjure one while I type this paragraph here. I guess my point is that people put too much pressure on Nintendo to be that great system that everyone wants. I think the best analogy I've heard for Nintendo systems is that it's a Desert system. It's great and it's cheap but you really can't have it by itself. I really can't wait for Animal Crossing DS and Nintendo's WiFi plans. To see Nintendo finally step up and put it's games online, I really have faith that this is going to work really well. Nintendo, just keep doing what your doing and stop worrying about the third parties. Keep the exclusives coming and you'll do just fine.


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