Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Why I can't wait for IE7

I hate internet explorer. I don't so much mind Microsoft. They seem to be cooling down on the whole monopoly thing and I think that's because they realize there are other alternatives out there and being the 'cool friendly guy' is starting to be their new thing. Why do I hate Internet Explorer? Honestly, it's not a terrible web browser if you look at it from a simple and easy to use standpoint. If you look at the fact that it's built right on into the operating system and it loads very quickly. Internet Explorer OK for the end user. Get to the point? I hate Internet Explorer because I'm not just an end user. An end user has to worry about one thing. Loading their web browser and typing in an address. The rest is just magic to them. Me? I have to worry about how my site is going to look in both FireFox and Internet Explorer because FireFox hasn't completely taken over the market share that IE has yet. I have to continually test my site in both browsers because even if something looks very good in FireFox, there's a pretty good chance that IE just trashed the hell out of it. IE7 is actually trying to change that. The newest release (beta 1) of IE7 isn't all that impressive from a developers standpoint but there are promises on the IEBlog that state very clearly that IE7 will be very compliant with web standards. I really can't wait until beta 2 when I can actually test these claims. But next year, when Vista is released, and most people download the newest IE7, it will be a sweet day when I can program a site entirely for FireFox and then open up IE7 and have it look the same. I can't wait for this day.


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