Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Cable providers have a lot of competition lately in the broadband internet arena. Verizon just started rolling out a FiOS (Fiber to the Home) broadband internet connection which gives customers a standard of at least 5Mbps down and 2Mbps up. This cripples the current cable standard of about 3 or 4Mbps down and a lowly 256kbps up. But now even Verizon has some competition. Nethercomm Corporation has developed the ability to offer 'limitless bandwidth' though none other than your natural gas lines. This could be quite a big blow to both Cable and Telecomm companies since this would allow Television, phone and internet services all to come through your gas line. The current max bandwidth capabilities for your cable and DSL internet would be around 100Mbps, same goes for FiOS. Nethercomm is stating a cap more around 10Gbps. Fret not my lovely audience. Even though this type of technology sounds like it's decades away, it's actually getting ready to be deployed right now. With no modifications needed to existing gas lines, you could be getting your internet via your gas line by the end of next year.


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