Sunday, August 21, 2005

Some more Xbox 360 news.

I know I haven't updated in a week and this is kind of old news, but I'll post it here anyways with my own spin. Microsoft has been busy promoting their newest console, Xbox 360. They've officially announced the packages that will be available at launch and how much they will be priced for. There will be a base bones version of the newest Xbox as well as a more 'leet' version. The bare bones will sell for $299 and the better version will sell for $399. The systems will be designed as follows. The uber version will include your console, a wireless controller, faceplate, headset, detachable 20GB harddrive, an ethernet cable, and component cables (for connecting to HDTVs). They've also stated that a remote control will be included for a limited time. The core package will include just a wired controller, your console, a faceplate and standard A/V cables.

Let's figure this out now for anyone thinking about buying the cheapo version. Do you want to save games? Your system doesn't have a hard drive so let's add $40 for a memory card. Now say you want to play on Xbox Live!, you'll need a headset for another $20. Now let's add that remote you get for a limited time for another $30. Your at about $90 if you add that stuff to your system after buying the core version. But that's not including the hard drive which runs for $100. So buying the more expensive version will actually save you money in the long run when that awesome game comes out that requires the hard drive. I say go with the $399.

In other pricing news, there's been some rumors that have said that games will run for $49.99 just like the current generation as opposed to $59.99 like some sites are advertising. Faceplates will retail for about $20. The wireless network adapter will (again) run for $99. And wireless controllers will run for $50. Sounds pretty standard. Nothing too surprising here.


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