Monday, July 25, 2005

Youth Violence?

I just found a very good article on youth violence and it's lies right here. It's definitely worth the read, but if you require a recap, here goes. Pretty much, the truth of the matter on youth violence in America is that it just doesn't exist. It's been over hyped and over looked at and the media and government has been lying to us about it. Currently, crime among young kids is the lowest it's ever been. Lowest. Nothing is going up. But the media doesn't like video games because while your playing video games, your not watching TV. So the best way to get everyone to stop? Target the parents who are completely ignorant about video games and tell them video games are the devil. The article brings up another very fun fact that 'Rock and Roll' music, back in the 50's, was in the same place as video games are now. Rock music WAS the devil according to most and was supposably the cause for a lot of violence in America. I don't see Rock and Roll going anywhere. I personally agree 100% with this article and have to congratulate Duke Ferris (writer of the article) for collecting all the data and displaying it in such an effective manner. Really, check it out. It's worth little bit of time. There are graphs and actual stats and facts that say that everyone is lying to you right now and there is no epidemic of youth violence.


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