Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Free publicity for Rockstar's Bully

Bullying Online is a Anti-Bullying group that has been speaking out about Rockstar's new game, Bully. They say that a game like this, despite it's M rating, will still get into children's hands and that bullying is not an acceptable topic for a video game. Personally, I think if your so sure that kids will still play this game, regardless of the rating, why don't you do something to stop them instead of infringing on someone else's rights to artistic freedom.

"Such games give the impression that these types of experiences are normal. We are very concerned that they have an effect on young people. We are contacted by up to four children a day who are suicidal, and many many more who have suffered injuries and trauma."

All of this up-in-arms crap over a couple of screenshots. That's all they've seen. The definitely seem to be playing into Rockstar's hands and offering up a nice heaping supply of publicity.


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