Thursday, July 21, 2005

Enlightenment LiveCD

I love me some Linux. Only problem I have is that I also love me a lot of computer games. This is a big problem when running Linux as your only operating system on your computer. So until I can buy a new computer that I can dedicate to a Linux desktop environment in addition to this computer, I'll have to settle for things like this. Enlightenment is the best window manager for Linux. It's beautiful and there is no comparison. Even though I don't like Debian that much (I'm more of a Gentoo guy) There is a new LiveCD out running Debian and Enlightenment (Both 16 and the new alpha version 17). LiveCD's are great because they let you test out and run Linux from a boot CD instead of needing to install the entire thing first. I will definitely check this out and see how e17 is coming.


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