Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6 and 1.5

I'm a FireFox user and lover. So if anything on this site or any of my others doesn't look good with your browser, it probably means your not using FireFox. Just a quick update for anyone who hadn't heard yet. FireFox v1.0.6 has been released. Anyone who downloaded 1.0.5 is strongly encouraged to download the new version. I think there were a couple of bugs in 1.0.5 that prompted them to release 1.0.6 so fast. Head over to getfirefox.com now and download it!

In other firefox news, for all you beta lovers out there, it looks like FireFox will be bypassing their originally planned 1.1 release (now code named Deer Park, which I'm currently using) will no longer be called v1.1 when it's finished. The developers have determined that the vast number of bug fixes and new features calls for a v1.5 instead.


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