Wednesday, July 20, 2005


If anyone has a website or a blogspot or any other type of site that doesn't come with any advanced statistics, you really need to check out StatCounter. Not only is it the first free web site stat tracker that I've found, it's very well one of the nicest I've used. You can check everything from how many unique visitors you had to how many were first time visitors all the way to the amount of time visitors spend at your site or the resolution they were using on their computer. It's really quite detailed. I personally don't like counters. I think they're tacking and pretty gimmicky. But I do enjoy being able to keep track of how many people are visiting my sites and other various things. StatCounter is great because they let you choose what type of counter you want to include on your site, including my favorite, Invisible. Anyone looking for a good stat tracking service for free definitely check this one out!


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