Monday, July 18, 2005

Hot Wings..

Anyone ever experience the 'Hot Wings' phenomenon? It's when you eat/drink/do something even though u know it's going to be disgusting or you won't like it. Me and Jeff came upon this phenomenon when we realized that it didn't matter how much we disliked buffalo wings, we still needed to eat them. Weird. And that was random and pointless.

The only reasons I mentioned that is because I just got back from Buffalo Wild Wings. I never used to like buffalo anything. The hotness made me sick and sweaty. I really couldn't stand it. But me and Jeff had our 'Hot Wings' thing going and we pretty much forced each other to eat them and now we actually like them I guess. But anyways. Jeff took me out tonight for my birthday. It was really nice of him. We used to go to Buffalo Wild Wings every Monday, but since I lost my job and moved away.. It's been a while. He knows I don't have any money so he offered to buy for me. My brother came too and we played touch screen, drank, and ate boneless buffalo wings all night. I had fun and I just got home. Therese was 'sleeping' but she was awake when I went upstairs to check on her. I gave her a kiss and a couple hugs and told her to go back to sleep. I'm going to keep reading Harry Potter (Goblet of Fire, not the Half-Blood Prince) on the patio because it's uber nice out right now. Just thought I'd drop in with some random thoughts.


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