Sunday, July 17, 2005

Potter Parties (Part 2)

So the "Potter Party" wasn't all I could ever dream for. It was 'OK'. But it was meant for the kids. I could probably tell why when my brother (21) told me and Therese to have fun at 'Fag Fest 2005' that kids his (or mine for that matter) aren't supposed to get THAT into harry potter. But whatever. Me and Therese had as much fun as we could, got our book at 12:01 (more like 12:40) and were pretty happy with our decision to go.

What could have made the experience better was only stuff that any older person would really appreciate. They did have the entire downtown main street strip devoted to harry potter, but they could have done a little more decorating. Mind you, I understand that the budget for such an event probably isn't much more than .. well.. nothing. So I understand. But I think I was expecting more and that's why I wasn't too impressed. The kids were cute though, lots of Harry's and other wizards. We even saw the cutest little girl dressed as a house elf. It was great. But anyways. Back to my story.

We got our book. Life was grand. We walked on back to my car which wasn't too far away. As we got closer to my car, I had my keys out already and I was repeatidly pressing the unlock button (I always do this just to see how close the car is going to open for me this time). I got closer than usual and thought it was pretty odd that the doors weren't unlocked. Then I got right up to the door and started touching the window with it while trying to unlock the door. My first fear settled in. "Shit! The remote is fucking dead!" .. This would be bad because the alarm system built into my car remembers if the doors were locked with the remote or not. If you open the door without pressing the unlock button, the car will yell at you. It will be loud. People will stare at you. This, I did not want. So after a few moments of panic, Therese asked nicely, "Did you leave your lights on?". Funny how I didn't think about that, but this made me even more angry. I looked inside and sure enough, the little flashy light that usually means the alarm is active was quite.. inactive. So I took the key, inserted into the keyhole (for maybe the 5th time, total, in the 4.5 years of owning the car) and opened the door. No alarm. Yaay! The excitement lasted about how long it took you to read that word. The battery is dead. This furiates me because I hate feeling like a fucking idiot (I changed the stereo in my car and it just so happens that the stereo controls the little beeping that happens when you leave you open the doors and the lights are on). Bah.. You know what.. I wasn't going anywhere with this story. Therese flagged down someone walking back to their car who was nice enough to offer me a jump and we went home. That's all I got. Your welcome for the build up.


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