Monday, July 18, 2005

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Review

So, I can honestly say that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was wonderful. Tim Burton worked his magic once again and make one of the most beautiful movies you will see. The colors jump out at you and just make you smile. Even the drabbest settings are done in such a way that they still look wonderful. Tim Burton really knows how to make art out of his movies. On technical merit, Burton achieved a lot. Only using computer graphics when really needed, all the sets were built by hand. No scene was shot in front of a green screen. Even the room full of squirrels was done for real. The squirrels were all trained and you would never think so while watching the movie. The adaptation was wonderful and very true to the book. While maintaining that it was a children's book, it still manages to offer the same childhood creepiness that Burton likes to put into all of his movies. The score was done by none other than Danny Elfman who has done pretty much ever movie Burton has made (don't quote me on that). Every song is very well composed and really draws you into the movie. I have to say this was definitely one of the better movies of the year and am very pleased with the great job Burton did taking the children's classic and making it just as great as the book with his own darkness. Definitely go see it.


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