Thursday, July 21, 2005

GTA Update..

Looks like I missed a part of the news (or it was released shortly after I updated last night) but Rockstar has not only stopped production on the game, GTA: San Andres, they have admitted that they code was always there for the Hot Coffee mod and only needed to be unlocked. Anyone who knows Rockstar already knew this, but I guess they had not commented on whether it was their code or not. The ESRB has given the game a AO rating (Adults Only, Have to be 18 to buy) and will be issuing stickers to any retailer who wishing to keep selling the game. Roskstar is going to release a patch for the already owned copies to remove the Hot Coffee code and will re-release the game with the modified code still under the M rating (Mature, need to be 17 to buy). So it looks like all the parents and congressmen can celebrate and feel like they were a part of something big. Rockstar has apologized to you for filling your kids with such filth, and will continue to let them kill cops and bang hookers in the back seat of their car. Thank you Rockstar.


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