Thursday, July 21, 2005

My San Andre's 'rant'...

Time for some of my opinions on this matter. I understand the situation. I can see why some people are angry. It's probably why the code was left in the game in the first place. Rockstar wanted the publicity. They wanted to piss people off. Rockstar is very known for pushing the limits on free speech and free art. And they've created a very popular franchise that does just that. Every GTA game pushes the envelope a little bit. It's just what they do.

What pissed ME off about the whole situation, is that this is the same game that was out for almost a year before it was released for the PC and the xbox. No one had a problem with the copious amounts of cop killing, car jacking, gang banging, and slut popping. When it was first released, I heard the usual news story the night before or the night of it's release about how violent the video game was. After that, nothing. Now some guy figures out how to modify it so that you can play a sex mini game and America is up in arms!

Your right, the kids shouldn't be playing this game in the first place. It's rated M for a reason. It's just not a kids game. But what harm is going to come to our kids if they happen to play this game? What will they do if they happen to download this mod and install it and unlock the parts of the game required to use it? Nothing. Nothing different from what happens when your kid sneak into your room and steal your playboy. Nothing different from your kids watching Cinemax late at night, or one of the many graphic HBO sex specials. Nothing different from the insane amounts of porn your son is downloading right now. Nothing has changed. You still won't punish your kids for watching or participating (virtually) in graphic acts of violence. Your still just as ignorant and blind about what your kids hear at school and on TV as far as language is concerned. The only thing that's changed is you've finally opened your eyes long enough to see what your kids have been doing and the only thing you know to do is to pretend you care.

In conclusion, this article won't do anything. I won't reach anyone with this. No movements will start for free speech in video games. Nothing will change. Just like nothing will change after this whole Hot Coffee thing blows over. When I really start getting pissed is when all of this comes around and starts to infringe on MY rights as an ADULT to buy and do whatever I want. Then you'll hear it from me.


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