Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bare Bones xbox 360.

Microsoft held a conference about the xbox yesterday or the day before and showed off the xbox packaging and a few other things. I think they figured that the gossip and hype for the xbox 360 was wearing off so they need to do something to make people think about it again. The box is plain white and green. Keep it simple. I don't mind that. Seems as though Microsoft is done with losing money on console sales though, since the estimated price for an xbox 360 will be about $300. Not too bad, but what do you get for that? You get a Wireless Controller (all the controllers are wireless), the hard drive (probably 20GB, upgradable later), an xboxLive headset, and an Ethernet cable. What else could you need?

Let's start with games. Amazon is taking preorders for games at $59.99 ($10 more expensive that current generation games), let's add $120 for 2 games.

You're probably going to want to play with your friends. So your going to need at least one more controller. We'll take it easy on this one and just add one controller. My guess, add $40.

Don't have a wired network at your TV? A lot of you might not need this, but let's add another $50. That's a really cheap estimate, current wireless adapters for the xbox are over $100, but we're going for ballpark figures here.

I wouldn't mind using the xbox as a DVD player since the one connected to my TV right now kind of blows. Add another $30.

Wait, you got 2 wireless controllers and you don't have any way to charge them? Let's add $50 for 2 'play and charge' cables. I suppose you can use these to play with the controller wired to the console if you wanted to save batteries as well as charge your controllers

Strange enough, there was no A/V cables listed. This leads me to believe that since they are shooting at such a broad range of TV's, to save money, they won't be including cables. You'll have to buy some. Probably at least $20.

That should be good for now. You could always grab the quick charge cable, and the webcam, and a memory card, and some faceplates later. This should at least get you up and running in style. Also, all the prices I just listed are my own predictions. Nothing has been set in stone as far as pricing is concerned. The game prices on Amazon are also estimates. If the price drops, any pre-orders would be refunded the amount of the price drop. Also assume, I did not include a subscription to xboxLive. Two reasons for this. First, I already have an account so it should just carry over to the xbox 360. And second, there will be a free version of xboxLive. Now if we add all that up. To start playing when you get home from the store. 300+120+40+50+30+50+20=$610. So after all is said and done, by my estimates, you might be paying over $600+tax for your xbox 360. Like I said, Microsoft must have gotten really sick of losing money on all their consoles.


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